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The parliamentary procedure
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The parliamentary procedure box appears as soon as you open a file.

To close the box, click on the banner on top of the page, as shown on the following screenshot, or simply scroll down the text. You can make this box pop up again by clicking on the top banner.

Besides the name of the file, you will find in this box the committee considering the substance of the text and its designated rapporteur for the concerned chamber. You can read the source text from the link at the bottom centre, and there are two links on the right-hand side that give you access to the full files on the Assemblée nationale’s and the Sénat’s websites.

How to know which version of the text appears
The indications in the middle of the box help you determine the stage to which the text and amendments you are reading correspond. By default, the box indicates the most recent stage. For each stage, the chamber, reading and type of review – committee review, public discussion, or joint committee – are mentioned.

How to go through all the stages of a file

You can go through all stages of a file and access previous versions of the bill and its amendments.

To do so, click on the button corresponding to the reading and chamber you wish to see. You can then choose the committee review stage or stay on the public discussion stage.

Each time, you will find on the right the text as it is examined and on the left all the amendments which propose to modify it.

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