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Searching through amendments
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You can enter key words, amendment numbers as well as the names of members of Parliament in the search bar.

The list of amendments will automatically update to show only those that include the words entered in their summary, their enacting terms, their numbers, and their list of signatories.

  • Use the space bar to look for several words: If you are looking for several keywords in the same search, simply space them out. Every amendment that includes one word or the other will appear. Thus, ‘statute book’ will give amendments containing either ‘statute’, ‘book’ or both.

  • Use the + sign to look for a combination of words: If you would like to see all the amendments that include all words entered, put a ‘+’ between each word. For example, a search for ‘statute + book’ will give amendments that contain both ‘statute’ and ‘book’.

  • Use inverted commas to look for a string of words in a precise order: Should you wish to check whether a specific phrase or a string of words in a particular order appears in an amendment, use inverted commas. For instance, “statute book” will give you amendments that include this exact phrase, with the words in this precise order.

Use an asterisk to look for all possible endings of a word: This feature gives all amendments which include words starting with the word entered, regardless of how they end. For example, ‘statut’ will give amendments that include ‘statute’, ‘statutes’, ‘statutory’, etc.

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