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Filtering amendments
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There are 3 filter categories:

  • The “Author” filter: You will only be shown amendments drafted by the government, the committee rapporteur considering the substance of the text and the advisory committee rapporteur or depending on the main author’s political group.

  • The “Article” filter: With this filter, you can restrict the list to the amendments pertaining to parts of the bill you are interested in by selecting articles directly in the list or sections located before or after existing articles (to include amendments that add articles).

  • The “Outcome” filter: This allows you to review amendments based on their outcome i.e. adopted, rejected, or withdrawn, as well as inadmissible or to be reviewed.

To filter the list, click on one of the filter categories and all options will appear. Then, click on one of the options to activate the filter. You can activate several criteria within the same filter.

Should you wish to make a new search, you can remove all active filters at once by clicking on the ”Reset” link.

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