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Downloading amendments
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The first step is identifying the amendments useful to your work. To that end, you can use the search and filter tools. The goal is to obtain a list of amendments relevant to you thanks to the features of the tool.

You can, for instance, look for government-tabled amendments that include the key word "insurance".

Do not hesitate to download the full list of amendments tabled at a particular stage!

Turning the list into an Excel spreadsheet

Thanks to the Excel download feature, you can extract all or part of the unabridged amendments of the list (depending on your criteria) as a .xlsx spreadsheet with a single click.

→ To do so, click on the "Download as .xlsx" link in amendments, below the search bar.

Your Excel document should appear in the “Download” folder on your computer.

The downloaded spreadsheet includes one line per amendment, and the following information is displayed in the columns:

  • Amendment number

  • Number of corrections

  • Date when it was tabled

  • Date of publication

  • Source amendment

  • Rank

  • Outcome

  • Author

  • Main author’s political group

  • Co-signatory(ies)

  • Enacting terms

  • Summary

If you download a finance bill, the spreadsheet will also include a column detailing the mandates of the main author of the amendment.

Once the Excel document is created, you can easily access and use it with your team, etc.

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