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What is our legislative monitoring tool?
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Track how discussions progress between both chambers of the French Parliament, explore and download the amendments, define customised keyword-based notifications on the latest legislative and regulation publications, etc. Organise and customise your legislative monitoring on our unique interface.

This tool is the right one for you if…

→ You follow closely certain legislative procedure files and their impacts;

→ You study the amendments tabled on some important files and need to be reactive when it comes to their publication; or

→ You do not have time to follow every file in the news and fear you will miss issues that matter to you, etc.

How can this tool help you?

Spend more time analysing and less time copy-pasting or endlessly refreshing the websites of the French Parliament:

  • Detect at a glance the articles and amendments of interest to you thanks to our keyword notifications, as the tool scans everything both chambers of the French Parliament – i.e., the Assemblée nationale and the Sénat – publish.

  • Be informed in real time of the latest modifications made to the articles and amendments you follow thanks to instant email notifications.

  • Download in one click the content of any amendment you are interested in, so you can examine it extensively and inform your clients and colleagues.

  • Browse through amendments easily; the corresponding text always appears next to an amendment – no need to visit multiple pages and websites.

  • Zoom in on the relevant amendments thanks to our funnel-type multi-criteria filters and Boolean operators. Click here to read our entry on the advanced search settings.

How does it work?

Contexte created bots which constantly scan the Assemblée nationale’s and the Sénat’s websites to gather public data and organise them in our database.

We then added a layer of services and set up notifications on topics of interest to our users, so they can be notified of each modification.

What features can you find in the tool?

  1. One-step keyword notification setting on tabled or modified bills and amendments at the Assemblée nationale and the Sénat.

  2. Real time notifications on the amendments tabled by the government and the rapporteurs considering the substance of the text, as well as once the review of an article you follow is complete.

  3. Notifications about the outcome, correction and tabling of sub-amendments regarding the amendments you follow.

  4. A daily summary on monitored files, emailed to you.

  5. An advanced search feature that detects your keywords in amendments.

  6. Multi-criteria filters applicable to amendments (article, author, political group, outcome, etc.)

  7. One-click download of the whole list or a selection of amendments, unabridged, as an Excel spreadsheet.

  8. Sorting-out feature by date of publication to find the latest amendments.

  9. Record of the parliamentary procedure, including the various versions of the bill and their corresponding amendments.

  10. Automatic bill scrolling each time you open an amendment.

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